Monday, February 20, 2012

the start!! :D

{ House } of A La Mode - Sewing Lounge/ Studio

I’m very excited to announce the start of my dream to own an Urban Sewing Lounge/ Studio. I will now be facilitating classes in my home starting in April! More news to come in the next few weeks!! Thank you all for your extreme loyalty and support in helping me reach my dreams!!

Gen Z { Design } Stars – A Sewing Course for children ( 9 -14 )

Starting in April, I will be offering 6-week courses in my home. It’s my opinion people (in general) learn more successfully in a smaller setting, so seating will be limited.

My coursework will focus on one concept per session (i.e.: pillows, totes, mini quilts) for the entire six week duration. Each project will embody basic sewing skills as well as new design elements/ techniques that your child will learn while completing each project (3 total per session). I believe you must master a skill before moving on, or you will not retain that learned skill. Additionally, they will learn while creating which will allow your child to be engaged through each new taught element. Each six-week session will focus on a new concept to explore, while building of off prior experience.

I will have more information for anyone who is interested in a placement opportunity within my studio after March 10th, as I am finishing up my publishing commitments for my first book’s release this winter.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/ or concerns! I look forward to hearing from you and providing the basics to create fiber art based on your child’s own style and personality!!

X, Heather