Monday, March 5, 2012

building the Lounge/ Studio!

My adorable husband hired a contractor a couple weeks ago and progress is moving right along! I had originally planned to rent space for my "forever" lounge/studio, but quickly dropped that idea once I started adding up all the benefits to having it built at my home. Plus, no building could ever give it the character I was going to need it to have... and I’m really picky on my designs!! LOL

I absolutely loved the 1950's bones and yard of our home when we purchased it a couple years ago, but the unfinished carport and peach paint... has left a bad taste in my mouth for quite awhile!! I've been lovingly referring it to the Peach Pit! bleh...

The first thing to go was the awful brick planter that grew NOTHING, because it only lived in the shade??? So... GROSS!!

Now, I will admit... I only knocked down a small portion, but it felt really good! LOL Then we (and by me, I mean our contractor & hubby) started framing walls in!

It was pretty amazing to see the beginnings of one of my new windows being framed in! :D Natural light is a MUST have in a sewing space... so this is just one of many windows to allow as much Vitamin D as the Oregon weather will give us!! hahaha...

Then the boys... did a bunch of other baloney things, but what i saw next was a door! who knew i could get so excited over THAT word! ;)

Now we're waiting on the windows, slider and all the new siding to arrive next week! We're hoping for an early April finish, but I have a feeling they are underestimating my chandelier needs for this space! :P

You can check out my Lounge/ Studio design inspirations here and here!! It's going to be fabulous!!

x, Heather


  1. Eek! I didn't realize you were BUILDING your sewing lounge! You may have to ask hubs to bump up the ceiling a bit for that chandelier. Yay!

    1. hehehe... the plan is for 3 of them!! :D

  2. This is so cool! I can't wait to see how you decorate the inside!

  3. I am so happy for you...can't wait to see the end result : )

  4. Wow this is going to be Awesome! You have great taste to of course!